Engine overhaul

Do you need an overhaul on your engines? No problem, we’ll be to happy help you at Standaert Mechanics. When we say engine overhaul, we mean machining the motors and replacing the worn parts. After the overhaul, you will have a completely new engine that will last for years to come.

The majority of our overhauled engines are diesel engines intended for industrial use. It can range from replacing the cylinder heads to overhauling the entire engine block.


  • Why would you have an engine overhaul done?

    • Overhauling an engine is a lot cheaper than buying a new engine. Plus, after an overhaul, your engine will run like new again.
    • We always provide an extended warranty after the overhaul.
    • Of course we test the engine before we deliver it to you. That means you can be sure that your engine will be back to running smoothly.
  • What does an engine overhaul cost?

    Each engine overhaul is a custom project. Do you want to have your engine overhauled? Please contact us.

  • Waarom kiezen voor Standaert Mechanics?

    Our technicians’ expertise will absolutely make the difference in making a success of your engine overhaul. All we expect from you is the necessary tools and components.



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